Sunday, May 4, 2008

I am not gone...

I have just been trying to re-access my Jewelry business. I first thought I could just make Jewelry that I love and people would want it...cause its nice and I like it. But I am learning there are probable a zillion others out there that are thinking the same way and there is just to much competition and I am lost in this sea. So I am really pondering what I want to do. There is so much for me to do..I am in learning mode so I tangent from beaded pieces, love silver and the Vintaj brass, would love to experiment with enameling, have experimented with acid etching and would love to do more of many ideas. But then I feel like I have the delima...does my work appear to be unfocused? Then there is the whole marketing thing. At this time in my life I cannot travel and do art shows. I have 3 little ones. Can an artist be successful just selling on-line? Sadly I have to sell some thing so I can keep buying and learning. And the journey goes on....Michelle Mahler


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