Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My new favorite Tools

I treated my self to some new tools. I am so glad I did as I really wanted to get to some sawing. I have drawn out some deigns a lonnnggg time ago and just never sat down and DID IT. So I made time and just started cutting. The first flower I made was a large pendent. It took more 6 saw blades to get thru. That was with my old 8" saw frame. So I had ordered some more saw blades and hemmed and hawed about the knew concept saw...should I spend the $$ now?...guilt guilt..this was close to Christmas time. But I did take the plunge. I LOVE THIS SAW FRAME! I was able to cut a whole flower right thru with out breaking a blade. It is so lightweight. Very easy to tension the blades. I must also mention the Studio Flux bench pin too. I love it also. I specially like the little whole to the right for cutting tiny details. I purchase my blades, saw frame and bench pin from Jeanette Blix Ryan is the owner, she is so kind and helpful.
Here are a few of my creations:
You an find them at Teka and Zoe on Artfire


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