Sunday, June 29, 2008

What I have been doing...

Ok I have not made time for Jewelry....I am still looking for my direction. And with 3 kids...3-1/2 and 2 year old twins. I don't have the time I need for marketing right now. I have not given up but I think I need to refine my and define my style. There is just so much I love about it. I want to acid etch...I love wire work...but I love beads...and chain mail. Why can't I do it all?
Soooo for my creative outlet I have picked up Digital Scrapbooking. Since Zach was born and the twins I have done the "real" paper kind of scrapbooking. But it has been very overwhelming to keep up with books for 3 kids plus it is kind of expensive. I stuck my toe in the water of digital scrapbooking and found out how much faster, cheaper and fun it was and now I am totally immersed..Just like everything else that interests me. I am in it thick now.
Here are a few of my pages:
This is Zach (Feb '06) when I was pregnant with the twins...he was ALWAYS getting into my chocolate enriched coffee.

My most favorite things for the moment are:
Zach at the dinner table telling me with a big smile: "Your a Good Cooker Mom!!" as he eats his steamed Broccoli. I am thrilled believe me. He does not really know yet how much power that has...I am so thrilled and happy to be told I am good a 3-1/2 year old no less.
The twins are finally starting to talk.
Natalie asking for Ba-Ba Weee's (strawberries) and Grapes are Geep's and ever time we drive by the sheep outside of town she ALWAYS chimes in Beep's Beep's.
Nickie...when I ask him something he can't answer he clearly says "I don't know" in a tone that is very incredulous...hardly believing I would ask. He also says Luck for Milk. He goes to the fridge...we makes me crazy as he is always going in and taking out frozen items, Worcestershire sauce, ketchup or salad dressing. ...So when I scold him and ask him what he wants...He says loudly..LUCK LUCK!!
Here is a page of Natalie last summer:
It is one of my most favorite pictures of her on earth.

Here is Nicky:
He is a sensitive and handsome little devil. Of all of them he wants the most hugs and love from mom.

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