Sunday, July 5, 2009

Are you thinking about Fall yet?

It seems impossible to think about fall colors yet....But here we are early July and the fall color fashion report is out for Fall of 2009. My local artisan gallery here in town is already talking about fall plans. It is funny I was just thinking the other day while enameling how was I going to get into the swing of the fall seasons..drab colors??? eecck! Then I saw the Pantone color report and was excited and inspired.
See the full report here in pdf form: Pantone Fall 2009 Color Report.
Fantastic colors...I must get enameling.
Michelle Mahler Teka and Zoe and
American Beauty
Purple Heart
Honey Yellow
Burnt Sienna
Rapture Rose
Warm Olive
Majolica Blue
Crème Brûlee


Carol B said...

Beautiful colors! I'm off to play with beads now. Thank you so much for the link.

Anonymous said...

great colors - gets me excited for the upcoming season! Thanks for sharing!


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