Saturday, April 10, 2010

Treasury Lucky!

I am so happy to be included in four Treasuries this weekend.
And they are all so beautiful!
Please click while you can. We always love more views!
Click Here to see 3Ever in Blue Jeans by meiguidesigns on Click here to see F r a g r a n c e s by RomanticArt on etsy.comClick Here to see Cool Morning Spring by TheFlibbertigibbeton on
Click Here to see sooooo FRESH by madebymaggie on

1 comment:

Starry said...

wow, 4 great treasuries, I love your earrings the most (but I am an earring fanatic!). Its great to see another great etsian who has a beautiful blog here. I am just playing with the next blog button today and am happy with my discoveries.


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