Saturday, September 25, 2010

Great deal on Art Fire Unlimited Selling for only 5.95/month

Art Fire is have a great deal until Oct 1, 2010. If you sign up for a Pro account before the deadline then you will get in on this deal. I myself am pondering a second store...if I can only think of a name?? Think, think, think...... Humm.

If you are considering opening a shop then now is the time.


Also here is an article on about ArtFire:
ArtFire's Unique Approach to Sellers - An Interview with Tony Ford

This is what Natalie Girard of Canadian Rockies Art has to say about the deal:

Just for something is a collection I put together:

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Carol B said...

Thank you so much for the Art Fire information. I had been pondering the deal and your post helped me decide to give it a shot! I love your enamel work, BTW. I am just beginning to play with torch-fired enameling.


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