Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm seeing Circles....

I bought a box of copper washers that happen to be on sale at one of my new favorite on-line stores: By the way the owner, Jeanette Blix Ryan is SO NICE!!
So here was my challenge. To loosen thinking..just mix colors and enamel. So I started with 30...then 50...then 70. By then I was exhausted but determined to complete all 110!! (it was 90 degrees and no air con in the kiln studio (the kiln-1450 degrees)) I must say after getting them all done and looking at them the next day...I see I have to add more colors. Thank-fully I bought 3 boxes. Now the fun begins. To create jewelry out of them. My original thought was to make a mixed color design. But then once I sorted them by color I thought maybe monochromatic or the later and throw in a jump out color. OR color my! You can see I am now in trouble as a new tangent begins!
Michelle Teka and Zoe

And here they are....What are your favs??

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Anonymous said...

They are awesome. I love them, Michelle!


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