Friday, June 18, 2010

Been so busy....

Have to get in a new groove. Kids are out of school so I have less time for Jewelry. Waahhhyyy! Yes that is a very loud whine. I guess I am back to less sleep. That's ok as I have developed my own formula for for a faux "starbucks" iced mocha. It is sugar free and LOW FAT. My hubby and I actually think it is better....AND CHEAPER!
First we use the AeroPress:We buy coffee beans at Costco ANY dark roast...not picky at this point. But they have to be Dark and Rich. While the coffee is hot add 1 large scoop of International Coffee Decaf Sugar Free Swisse Mocha (or more to taste).Once that is mixed in you add a cup of non fat milk (or more) and a bunch of ice. I make this is a large tumbler. I start every morning this way. It I want a REAL treat in the afternoon I blend all that with a scoop of light vanilla ice cream...weeeeee...up til midnight then. Just typing this makes me want to go make one right now. I must get back to the jewelry. There have been so many treasuries of late I just cannot keep up. Here are a few I did catch.
From BoydemTreasures:

So colorful from InStitchesDesign:
One of my favorites came from: Kathleencavalaro

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