Saturday, July 10, 2010

I was in the Storque! Woo Hoo!!

The Storque is Etsy Blog. In June 21, 2010 I was LUCKY enough o have a pair of my earrings in an Etsy Finds article. I say lucky I am luck!! And Happy as I got 19 orders on 1 day. I was exhausted and frazzled but so cool. It took me this long to recover for the work. Here is the direct link: Storque June 21, 2010


Allison The Imp said...

I think your Etsy attention is great! I want to know as a fellow Etsier, (newbie here), did you approach them in the beginning? or did they approach you? Any sage words?

Teka and Zoe said...

Sadly I can offer you no suggestions. They found me. I would think it has to be something that catches there eye with good photography. I wish it would happen more ofter for sure.

Janet said...

Your things are wonderful! It is no wonder the Storque profiled you! Congrats. Obviously you deserve the recognition!


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