Friday, November 23, 2007

Style Feeder

Have you heard of Style Feeder? I have played around with it. Is it usefull to you?
Taken from Style Feeder site:
About StyleFeeder
Once there was a boy who liked to make software. When he was nineteen he fell in love with a girl who was supposed to be teaching him French. She was French, in fact, and she liked to cook exotic food and wear beautiful things and he spent several years chasing her around the world.
But he got her, and he married her two days before her tourist visa ran out and now they live in a house in Watertown, Massachusetts, and she has declared that buying decent lighting in the US is really, really hard.
Call them Bea and Phil. Call them us, who made this site for ourselves and now for you.
In the winter of 2005, Phil noticed that Bea was spending a lot of time emailing to her friends things she had found online. Bea didn’t know what Phil knew, that although email is good for many things, it’s a private and inefficient way to share links.
And Bea finds a lot. And Phil thought it would be nice if Bea and her friends could share things online, and maybe a hundred other people could watch.
So StyleFeeder is Phil’s answer to Bea’s obsession: some things are so damn cool that the world has to know.

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