Sunday, December 30, 2007

Photo Tips from EZ Cube

I have set up EZ Cube and am playing with it I hope this is my LAST photographic equipment purchase. (that is of course unless I must have the under-lighting table) It seems to be working. I have tweaked my style a bit. I removed all the cool rocks as I felt they were distracting and not enough contrast. I have gone all white. But it is to white? I may try adding one special rock or other natural item and see how it goes. I did use a branch of the Contorted Filbert bush to hang my earrings from. I grew the plant myself...OK I killed it and saved the branches..not meaning to of course(kill it that is). I fear my green thumb is similar to my photo skills.

Here are some tips from EZ Cube of exposure:

~Avoiding dark images when shooting against light backgrounds~
Cameras tend to underexpose images when capturing subjects with white or very light backgrounds. The easiest way to prevent dark, underexposed images is to use exposure compensation.
Most digital cameras have fairly easy-to-access exposure compensation controls (labeled as "EV" for Exposure Value). If your images are too dark, try adjusting the exposure compensation. A setting of +1 is a good place to start. If you end up setting the EV too high, the image will appear "washed out". Simply go back step or two until the exposure looks right.
View the different EV settings below. This demonstrates how changing a camera's exposure compensation setting can avoid exposure problems. In this example shot against a white background, the standard setting of 0 is too dark. An EV setting of +1.3 seems best for this shot.
For more photo tips and to see the EZCube visit
EV -1
EV 0
EV +1
EV +1.3
EV +1.6

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Book Calendar said...

I like the EV+1, it is the best looking to me. The other images eliminate the shadow of the miniature.


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