Thursday, December 20, 2007

Photographing Jewelry...more

I got my photo set up and have been playing. I decided to get the EZ-Cube ( I think I may have FINALLY found something that is going to work out for me. I also invested in a tripod. I just could not get clear shots without it. Also instead of the granite rocks I use as the backdrop I switched to an all white background. I think that it is less distracting. I may have to get another light though...not sure. I am asking experts for advise on the shots that I did took tonight. I don't know if I can just lighten the pics in Paint Shop Pro or add another light to my set up. I did lighten the picture that you will see below but really feel it needs to be lighten more. the beautiful stones just do not glow like they should. Lighting aside I can already tell the shots are clearer. I also had to adjust the exposure compensation on my camera and open up the aperture all the way using manual setting. I also use manual focus. I am not sure I mentioned that I use a Canon Rebel XT (that I love).
Original Shot:


This necklace is Apatite in 2 colors. The disc shaped beads are ancient Roman glass. I love the colors..its a new favorite of course.

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