Saturday, October 3, 2009

1 week of Earring Card Design..the Plight of the Obsessed!

I have been working on revamping my store display for the 2 galleries I am in here locally. It is a co-op kind of thing so I can make my own display. I currently have my earrings hanging from a wire tree that I had made. (see previous post) I do no think that the tree is doing my work any favors. When you are looking at the earrings on each branch you can not see the forest for the trees. hehehe
So after much back and forth and driving myself NUTSO I decided on carding my earrings. Plus I am going to have custom displays hand made out of steel to hold the cards. I have been working for around 24 hours over a 48 hour period on these stupid throw away pieces of card. That was after trying to decided for a week which way I was going to go with samples of all the ready made products from RIO and made mock-up's of my "handcrafted" versions. Put a range of jewelry on each type...studied them. Asked hubbies opinion....he did not care..or said how nice. I just did not like certain features of each of the store bought cards. So I decided to make my own. The clinker was going to be the 1/2 circle little flappy thing with the hole for hoop type earrings and my crescents. Could not get a punch custom made but DID find a punch that Basic Grey makes that is a 1/2 circle notching tool. THEN I had a coupon for Micheal's...Gotta have a coupon right?! They do not have any...So I ran home and found one on Ebay. THEN....I remembered that I have a cutting plotter (it is called a craft robo ) that can cut out any shape on paper using vector images. I used to use it for scrapbooking before I went digital. It is pretty cool. The HARD part, getting my idea and turning it into a vector image. I have spend 2 days drawing the image so I can print out my own cards with my logo and then use the plotter to cut them. Torture at time....yes. A BIG pain in the tookus...YES. Hubby was nice and was with the kids all day today. I had to order the paper from so I cannot even show you the finished version....but I will...Michelle with obsessed.

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