Sunday, October 18, 2009


I have stepped into the exciting-ness of making bangles. I have wanted to for a LONG time. But always afraid of the whole SIZE thing. What size to make? I then just decided no more thinking just DO IT!!
This is my first one and have many more to come:So to help myself and my customers I have done some research on fitting a bangle. The best and easiest way to measure for your enamel bangle is to measure a bangle that fits you and you love. You have the measure the inside diameter (distance from side to side). I have also found other info and instead or rewriting what I have learned I am just going to list what I have found and give credit.
I have found the best info on Ying Yu Jade website How to measure for a jade bangle. Since they are very close in type and delicacy I thought it was a perfect match for an enameled bangle.

Here are some methods for finding your correct size bangle when you cannot try it on first.
If you wear your bangle close to your wrist, it will not "clunk around" as much as a larger one will. This is important if you plan to wear it all the time. If you really like the feel of a big bangle that easily slips over your hand, then consider purchasing one that you will wear only for special occasions.
Also consider wearing your bangle on your non-dominant hand. For example, if you are right handed, wear it on your left hand because you don't use that hand as often and it will receive less abuse. I didn't like my bangle clunking against my watch, so I now wear my watch on my right wrist.
The easiest way to find your bangle size is to decide which wrist you will wear your bangle. Place your hand on a flat surface. Then measure between the highest points, which are the middle of of the knuckle, of your first and fourth knuckles. This is your bangle size. See illustration below. This shows the points on your knuckle you should measure between. When you measure. place your hand FLAT on a flat surface, then measure the distance between the points.
Another method is using a measuring tape to measure your hand . Squeeze your hand together TIGHT. Measure the widest part of the hand The average size is about 7" - 8.0"THEN, when you think you know your size, take a piece of cardboard or a plastic lid (for example a yogurt container, or coffee can lid) and with a ruler draw a line the diameter of the bangle you think will fit. Cut a round circle and put your hand through it. This will give you a better idea how it will fit.

Video on how to put on and remove a well fitted tight bangle.

Other Tips on How to Put on a well fitted Bangle.
  • Apply lotion to your hand. Use as much as needed! Your hands will become more flexible over time.
  • Loosen up your hand by giving yourself a quick hand massage (or better yet, have someone else give you a hand massage!). Apply more lotion if needed.
  • Hold your hand up VERTICAL from the floor and do not stiffen your hand. The key to putting on a bangle is keeping a loose flexible hand. If you keep your arm down in a horizontal position, the bangles will be more difficult to get on (the blood flows to your hand making it swell slightly).
  • Think of moving your hand through the bangles rather than moving the bangles over your hand.

    I think that might be everything you need to know. Please let me know if there is any confusion. Michelle Teka and Zoe


    Lisa said...

    What a great bangle, such interesting color combination and shape, very cool! Great info there too, thanks for sharing!

    Anonymous said...

    I love the bangle, Michelle!

    Teka and Zoe said...

    Thank-you!! I expect to have more fun with Bangles in the near future. I am addicted!! Michelle

    Natural Beauty and Makeup said...

    i love your bangle...i really wan't to make my own too. my hands are a bit on the big side and its like impossible to find any that fit me without being the adjustable kind you know hahahha...i had no idea you could actually make bangles...thanks a mil for the post!!!


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