Friday, October 23, 2009

Latest Color Chart

I have been working for the past year to develop a color chart of my own speical blended colors. I took the time to Photoshop color swatches from pics of my enameled pieces. Here are my latest "standard" colors. Standard means I have been able to reproduce them kind of consistently. I sometimes do a color blend...then go back and try to reproduce it from my notes...only to find out make notes don't make a bit of sense! What can I say.....they seemed to make sense at the time.
On a side note. I am not really a political person. But this issue gets me and my family in the heart. My husband and I live the American dream. We are both self employed. We have created our own income. BUT this dream is being shattered by our Health Care system in America. My daughter was born with Beckwith-Weideman sydrome and is considered uninsurable. We have already gone thru probably 5 health insurance companies in the last 5 years. Our first was Nationwide. They were bought out by Healthnet. Heathnet really did not want to have clients in our state (they are a California company, we live in NV) so the raised our rates 400% so we were forced to find another. Our only other choice was to go with Group plan which has to accept all but you will pay. We found a great mildly reasonable plan thru Costco. The company was Summerlin. That only last 3 months when they informed us that they wanted to pull out of the state of NV all together too. But they were kind enough to get Anthem to take us all with out underwriting. Oh but your rates will go up 60%. I am currently in the underwriting process again. I will let you know how it goes. Good news is Natalie has Medicaid now thru the Katie Becket program. Hopefully that will last another year. But I am forced to pull her from our primary insurance as I just cannot afford to have 2 insurances on her. Apparently there is also a law in NV that states insurance companies can raise group plan rates 85% if one member is a "bad health apple". Sometimes the American dream is not such a good one.

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