Friday, January 18, 2008

Greek Ceramic Washer Beads from Mykonos

One of my favorite new finds of this past year are the washer type beads made of high fired ceramic from Mykonos Island, Greece. These kiln-fired, dyed terra cotta beads often have the look of wood, metal, or stone. The best part are the large holes...great to fit that 12 gauge wire or leather cord. My first purchase was a little packet of 8mm and 13mm washers. I made a few items and fell in love. I bought a bunch and just had to share them with others. I have just added other colors, shapes and sizes to my Etsy page. You can buy nuggets, donuts, gears and washers. I have others in my stash that I have yet to photograph and put up on Etsy. If I ever have handcrafted jewelry making supply finds that I feel I have to share with others I will always put them up on my Etsy site not to confused my handcrafted jewelry customers with my jewelry site


tommie said...

Hello. I am going to be knitting some small creatures and need small washer beads for the eyes. Does anyone know where I can buy them? I like the ones you have but they don't look like they are for sale.

Thank you

Teka and Zoe said...

Which specific ones are you looking for? I have most items listed for sale on my Etsy page. Follow the link to the left or go to Thnx! Michelle


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