Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Photo Re-Shoot

Here are picture of a necklace I made. First the old photo, second the new version. I am still not thrilled with the new one either. The stone seems to have a glare on it. It is a hand cut and polished Rhodochrosite. Gorgeous color and polish!! I made a net bezel for out of sterling silver. I may have to tinker with the photo some more.

This second set is a 7-3/4" in length bracelet. Lightly dapped hand stamped sterling disks formed into cups that hold a delightful selection of pearls, Amethyst stones, Swarovski Crystal, misc bobbles and hand made sterling charms. It has a toggle closure. The first shot is the original picture...Boy it is not even in focus. The second I like much better. I added back a rock. I think it adds a bit of interest.

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